June 1 – June 7, 2020

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Memorial Park along the 1st fairway

Memorial Park along the 1st fairway commemorates each Honoree of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide

the Memorial Tournament Honorees

The Memorial Tournament is themed each year around a person, living or dead, who has contributed to the game of golf. This was Jack Nicklaus' idea as a contribution to perpetuating achievements of the game's greatest individuals. The honoree is selected by the Captains Club, a group of statesmen who act independently of the tournament organization, but who also advise on player invitations and the conduct of the event generally. The 2019 Honoree is Judy Rankin.

Members of the Captains Club

Peter Alliss
Paul Azinger
Judy Bell
Peter Bevacqua
Sir Michael Bonallack
O. Gordon Brewer, Jr.
The Honorable George H.W. Bush
Sir Sean Connery
Mike Davis
Sandy Dawson
Timothy Finchem
Dr. Trey Holland
Juli Inkster
Hale Irwin
Tony Jacklin
Ken Lindsay
H. Colin Maclaine
Charles S. Mechem, Jr.
Jay Monahan
Barbara Nicklaus 
Andy North 
Hisamitsu Ohnishi
Gary Player
Judy Rankin 
Fred S. Ridley 
Johann Rupert 
Carol Semple Thompson
Tom Watson