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Tom Morris, Sr. & Tom Morris, Jr. image

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Tom Morris, Sr. & Tom Morris, Jr.

Tom Morris, Sr. won the British Open four times, in 1861, 1862, 1864, 1867 and finished second four times. The first British Open was played in 1860, at Prestwick, when Old Tom was 39 and
producing the best golf of his life. In addition to his British Open achievements, Old Tom was victorious in many of the challenge matches that constituted most of the professional tournament play of his era. He remains one of golf’s most storied champions, whose supremacy was finally challenged only by the emergence of another great golfer, his son, Tom Morris, Jr.

In 1868, Tom Morris, Jr. became British Open champion for the first time. He won again in 1869 and 1870, and was awarded permanent possession of the Championship Belt for his three consecutive victories. The championship then lapsed for a year, but Young Tom won it when it resumed in 1872, thus achieving four consecutive victories, a feat that has never been equaled. A powerful golfer with a wonderful touch on short shots, he represented a quantum forward leap in the complex skills required by the game he so briefly graced. Young Tom died at the age of 24, the same year his wife and child died at birth.

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