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Volunteer of the Year

photo of Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

Mike is an individual who is extremely deserving of this award for many reasons. Mike has been a Volunteer for the Memorial Tournament for over 20 years. While Mike has serves many roles as a volunteer, he most recently has devoted his time strictly with CubCare. Mike gives of himself every minute of every day that CubCare is open. Since Mike is at CubCare from the moment we open every day until the moment we close every evening, he does not get to see any of the tournament. Many people volunteer simply to get tournament passes. However, Mike volunteers because he knows that his efforts are helping a terrific organization; Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Mike also volunteers because he enjoys time with the children that come to CubCare. While the golfers are excited to participate in Jack's tournament, their children seem even more excited to spend time with Mike. Mike is always friendly, kind and respectful to the children, parents, nanny's and guests. In fact, every year the PGA TOUR Childcare Providers make it a point to inquire whether or not Mike has registered to volunteer in CubCare again.

It warms our hearts that both the children and their parents look forward to seeing Mike every year. Mike is always met on the first day of CubCare by kids calling out his name as they run to greet him as they come in the front door. Often, the children bring drawings and notes for Mike.

Three years ago we added a field trip to the CubCare schedule. Mike has graciously volunteered to go with the children as a chaperone on all of the field trips. He has helped to make the field trips a memorable experience for each child. Mike is always the first person to offer to help in any way, no matter what the task may be. It is in great part to his dedication and commitment that CubCare runs smoothly each year.

In June, (2 weeks after the 2008 Memorial Tournament was played) the CubCare Chair received a call from Amy Hoffman, PGA Director of Childcare. A PGA family wanted Mike's address so that they could personally send him a thank you note for taking such good care of their children. Obviously, the children and the entire family left with happy memories of the Memorial and look forward to returning in 2009. After receiving that phone call - it was apparent that Mike was truly deserving of being the Volunteer of the Year.

Simply put, Mike is a GREAT GUY! The CubCare chair, Assistant Chair and Volunteers know that we can count on Mike every year for his unselfish assistance to do whatever is asked of him and do it with pride and with a smile on his face.

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